Food Hygiene Audits

“HACCP is a systematic approach to identifying and controlling hazards that could pose a threat to the safe production of food”.

Your Food Safety Management System should allow you to identify the hazards and implement the controls at the critical stages of food production. These critical points must be monitored. Not only is HACCP is a legal requirement but will also be a benefit your business.

The NSAI published the below Irish Standards of what defines a Food Safety Management System and incorporated the principles of HACCP including all the supportive, infrastructural and hygiene requirements necessary for the production and service of safe food. Our audits and consultations are based on these standards

I.S 34O:2007 Hygiene in the Catering Sector

I.S 341:2007 Hygiene in Food Retailing and Wholesaling

Having a properly managed Food Safety Management System (HACCP) in place will give you the confidence and assurance that your business is compliant and that you are selling safe and wholesome food to your customers.


What we do:

  •  We will meet you at your premises to discuss your needs.

  • Depending on what your require, we can then conduct a Food Hygiene and Standards Audit based on the above standards.

  • This audit will highlight all aspects of your business from structural, operational,  documentation and training compliance.

Now we know what you have in place and what you need. Let’s get to work!

  • Using an objective and practical approach, a remediation plan is developed incorporating all necessary recommendations and documentation you will need to have in order for your Food Safety Management System to be compliant and effective.

  • We will assist you every step on the way in putting your plan into action. All reports are customised to your business requirements.


The advantages of implementing the outcomes from this Food Hygiene and Standards Audit are: 

  •  Your business with be compliant with legislation
  •  Your HACCP system will reduce likelihood of customer food poisoning
  •  Provide you with the confidence and assurance that your business meets all necessary criteria to prepare, handle or sell safe food
  •  Increase food quality and safety
  •  Customers will taste and experience your standards
  •  Reduce food waste
  •  Your business can prove due diligence in the event of a court action
  •  Your systems will create the foundations of delivering products and service to the highest standards
  •  Your staff will be trained and have the knowledge to put best food safety practices in place
  •  Promote team work

It will also compliment other operational systems and standards you may have in place.

Ongoing Internal and External Audits will verify if your Food Safety Management System is working as designed. It will highlight any areas of non-conformance and/or continuous improvement. It also identifies if staff are putting their training and knowledge into practice.

Operating in the current competitive climate with extensive regulation and consumers having greater awareness of Food Hygiene Standards and issues, it is critical you maintain a Food Safety Management System in your business”

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