Food allergies are a rapidly growing concern to public health and are now considered at the same risk level as the three existing food safety hazards (Biological, Physical & Chemical Hazards) as it too can cause death. According to Anaphylaxis Ireland, for unexplained reasons Allergens are on the increase. Under the new Food Regulation 1169/2011/EU, from 13th December 2014 all food business must indicate the presence of any of the 14 Allergens on their menus.


This course will give the participants the knowledge on how to manage and control the 14 allergens as defined in the Directive 2003/89/EC. How important their role is in protecting allergic customers. Knowledge of labelling compliance of allergens and how to indicate on their menus.


Course content

  • Legislation

  • Food allergies and intolerance

  • Product risk assessment process and allergy

  • Impact of a food allergy

  • Communication & Staff training

  • Cleaning

  • Allergen labelling

  • Importance of standard recipes

Course duration: 2.5 hours


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